Another radio contest offers a million bucks

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$1,000,000 seems to be the magic dollar amount every radio station wants to offer up for a contest.

The Today network have had 2 of their stations (2Day FM and Fox FM) giveaway a million bucks over the past couple of years.

Now, WSFM are getting in on the action and will start a contest on Monday called 'Million Dollar Riff'

For a month, listeners have to guess a riff, they will then head to a breakfast OB with Jonesy & Amanda where they could win the cash.

At the OB the finalists each get a personalised guitar pick. The lucky plectrum to be picked out of the barrel gets to spin a wheel of 101 numbers.

One of those numbers has $1,000,000 on it.

WSFM say….

  • The chances of winning Oz Lotto are just one in 45 million *
  • Kyle and Jackie O’s 2011 Bondi Beach dig had odds of one in 8000 **
  • The odds that Jonesy & Amanda are offering for WSFM’s Million Dollar Riff are one in 101.

*Oz Lotto odds – According to Professor Peter Taylor “You’ve got to choose seven numbers out of 45. There are, roughly speaking, 45 million ways of doing that; 45,360,620 I think is the exact number”
**Kyle & Jackie O odds – “Her chances were one in 8000, or a 99.99 per cent chance of not finding the bag” according to mathematician Clio Cresswell

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