Alan Jones ruled to have breached ACMA decency requirements

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has ruled that 2GB’s licensee Harbour Radio Pty Ltd breached the Commercial Radio Code Of Practice.

The breach occurred on Alan Jones‘ 2GB Breakfast show on August 23, 2018.

On the day in question, Jones chose to use the offensive and woefully outdated phrase “n***** in the woodpile” when describing Peter Dutton challenging his former leader Malcolm Turnbull for Prime Ministership earlier that week.

The ACMA found that Jones’ use of a racially charged phrase “offended against generally accepted standards of decency.”

‘The phrase used by Mr Jones has not been acceptable as part of everyday speech in Australia for some time and does not belong on our airwaves.”

While Jones apologised within hours of the broadcast, numerous complaints were made to the ACMA about the broadcast.

It wasn’t the first time Jones had used the phrase on air, nor was it the first time he’d been in trouble for making racist remarks on air.

Some will recall the racist comments Jones made in 2005 before and after the Cronulla riots when he called Sydney’s Lebanese Muslims “vermin” who “infest our shores” and “rape” and “pillage” our nation.

2GB has agreed that Jones will not the phrase “n***** in the woodpile” again.

Following the event, and a subsequent interview with Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron, Jones was reportedly disciplined by the board of Macquarie Media.

Jones has still not signed a contract extension with 2GB, with recent reports suggesting that Ray Hadley could be in the frame.

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Rob Rowe
29 Mar 2019 - 5:04 pm

Oh my god, I’m sure racism was the last thing on Mr Jones mind, next the animal activists will be complaining about the phrase “elephant in the room”.
Its just one oh many cliches Jones uses.
I remember when he was reporting on a Rabi embezzling money from a synagogue, Jones said, ” that’s not a very christian thing to do”, you’re right Alan, its not.


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