Akmal returns to 2GO for Give Me 5 for LOLs

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2GO, Akmal Saleh

2GO Breakfast team Mandy & Rob have kicked off Give Me 5 for Kids fundraising appeal for 2019 on the Central Coast.

The Australia-wide SCA fundraiser took on a different spin on the Central Coast, with the second year of ‘Give Me LOLs For Kids’, spearheaded again by Akmal Saleh.

Although Akmal is no longer hosting on 2GO, the comedian joined the team once again to perform at Mingara on Sunday night.

He was joined by fellow comics Kitty Flanagan, Michael Shafar and Tahir, as well as locals Kabba and Mitch Garling.

The evening saw 2GO raise $17K to start the campaign for the year.

To donate to the cause, head to 2gofm.com.au

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Truth Bomber
28 May 2019 - 1:49 pm

2GO always had that “for the people, by the people feel” It was actually the most locally ingrained station i had heard. yeah times have changed, but people haven’t that much if you can tap into them – and can this crowd? Change the name and kill the remaining 30% – then change the charities and competitions too. Re-badging legacy makes you look like you’re buying raffle tickets with buttons, everyone knows who started that cause and aren’t they the demo you are trying to rebuild brand equity with?

29 May 2019 - 8:03 pm

Truth bomber, speak English plz.


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