A World First for Nova’s Nathan, Nat and Shaun

Staff Writer

Nova 93.7’s – Nathan, Nat and Shaun – went into mourning for a lost faithful friend.

Last week they were gifted their fav food – some award-winning Kalgoorlie Sausage Rolls, sourced direct from Nathan’s hometown.

Nathan placed the sausage rolls in the Breakfast room fridge – safe to say a week later they weren’t too flash.

Devastated, Nathan, Nat & Shaun, along with Nova 93.7 staff, held a service on the Nova balcony in Subiaco to cremate their missed meal – the world’s first ever funeral service for sausage rolls.

Nathan Morris, who took the blame for the fiasco, lit the funeral pyre with John Farnham’s ‘Burn for You’ playing softly in the background shared some parting: “Nova has been rocked to the core by the loss of two sausage rolls. We gathered here today to say goodbye to not only a friend, but a pastry.”


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