A stand on domestic violence

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Michelle Anderson from the Triple M Brisbane Grill Team took a stand on domestic violence this morning. She challenged people to get their priorities right regarding Floyd Mayweather.

“He might be a 5 division world champion but you have to remember he’s a 7 time domestic violence offender & a denier of that fact”, said Michelle.

She didn’t hold back her anger in highlighting that despite 2 women a day dying around Australia from domestic violence “we still chose to celebrate and give money to a man convicted of domestic violence.”

“There are a lot of comments I have read since the fight of Oh it’s got nothing to do with his boxing well you know what it’s got EVERYTHING to do with who he is”

“And if it sits all right with you that “Oh I just watch him for the boxing” maybe just today sit down and have a think why that’s ok for you”, Michelle went onto say.

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