50 Shades, in three different flavours, so far

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The hype around 50 Shades of Grey hitting cinemas today has been huge. Possibly not a station around that possibly hasn’t talked about it. Ok every station apart from say a Classical one or the racing one (seen the Sports Bet Vid?).

We have done a quick whip around the dungeon.. ah the country, to find out what position some have taken.

This is 50 Shades, in three different flavours, so far


Triple M Sydney – 50 Shades of Mt Druitt

For the last few days, The Grill Team at Triple M Sydney have been taking a different tack, with 50 Shades of Mt Druitt.  MG takes the starring voice role – depicting the far from average suburban life of a listener in the Sydney suburb.

Four Episodes down – some classic lines in play.



Nova100 Meshel & Tommy – 50 Shades of Kieran

Meshel & Tommy have kept it classy with 50 Shades of Kieran. In their words he has “delivered some expert-level Valentine's Day tips”.

Nice and quirky, and did we mention he also visited a Dominatrix's Dungeon? Seeing how Kieran went with that is worth a look.



And down the highway to Geelong.

KRock Geelong: The B Team – 50 Shades of Hey Hey

Buckle on the B Team at KRock has timed the release of his movie badly. Didn’t stop him pushing out the trailer audio for, as Buckle said: “the much anticipated '50 Shades of Hey Hey”


How did you reflect 50 Shades today?

Let us know by banging an email our way here.

Now Sports Bet…. yes well.




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