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Lee & Lizzy from 4GR in Toowoomba recently ran a fun promotion that created some market talk for the station.

They explain…

During a luxurious five-star stay at Brisbane’s Stamford Plaza Hotel as part of a Sales promotion, 4GR Big Breakfast co-host Lee Faulkner was introduced to the “comfort” of a high-tech Japanese bidet. 

Lee & Lizzy were lucky enough to broadcast from the amazing Stamford Suite – where the likes of The Queen, Jennifer Lopez, Russell Brand and Bono have “braved the bidet”.

Wow. The functions. Front wash. Rear wash. Dry. Waxing. Cut and polish. It was all too much.

Following the bidet experience, Lee found it hard to go back to “standard toilet technology”. He’d had a taste of the high life and how the rich and famous live … by not wiping, apparently.

So the Big Breakfast team decided to go big and introduce: “BIDET DAY”.

A local plumbing service client jumped on board and offered up a top-of-the-range Caroma bidet to give away, plus Slim Dusty would have been rolling in his grave when we reworked “G’day G’day” to “Bidet Bidet”.

Who would have thought that giving away a bidet would garner so many entries … we asked punters to email us to go into the draw … and they flowed in (pardon the pun). Actually, the email was backed up (shit, sorry again).

A huge few days, a zero-dollar promotion and a great way to get the punters talking!

or hear it here

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