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Tis the season to be jolly. And the season for stations to reset their lineups for a stronger 2013, and 4BC Brisbane are the latest to make adjustments.

Content Director Anthony Frangi has moved the 4BC Breakfast show, Peter Dick and Mary Collier, to an earlier start to match the dominant Breakfast Show, 612 ABC"s Spencer Howson.

The 4BC Breakfast Show, currently with around a third of the ratings share of their ABC rival, will commence at 5am from 2013.

In further moves at 4BC;

  • The Greg Carey Morning Show will move forward to commence at 8.30am, bringing it in line with Fairfax stablemates 3AW and now 2UE.
  • Sports Commentator Ian Maurice will join Dick and Collier on the Breakfast show.
  • The station will launch a daily half-hour finance program, with John Stanley, at 11.30am Monday-Friday.
  • There will be a program called 'The Big Backyard' each Saturday and Sunday morning from 8-11am.
  • And a new Sunday night health program, hosted by John Scott, from 7pm.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, Frangi has said that he would be introducing more local content to the station;

"We'll be becoming much more Brisbane, increasing the number of local stories, developing more local events, championing the suburbs, and giving Brisbane a chance to express how they feel on all sorts of issues on air".

"I was born in Brisbane, I know this city, I have seen this city change, I know what this city wants and I think I also know what our listeners want and I'm going to give them what they want in 2013".

Also in the Courier Mail, the ABC's Spencer Howson said that Brisbane radio presenters enjoyed a healthy camaraderie;

"I love the vibe in Brisbane radio. If you look at our Twitter accounts at night often I'm having a conversation with Mary Collier on 4BC. Laurel Edwards will chime in and Robin Bailey will throw her tuppence worth in. And I love that".

"Recently 4BC came and broadcast their breakfast show from outside our window at South Bank. We went outside and they gave us free sausages for breakfast, which was nice, we gave Peter and Mary a tour of the building. There were a couple of people that raised half an eyebrow, but generally everyone's hey, Pete, Mary, come in, how you going?"

The 4BC changes will be on-air from 14 January.

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