3AW all set for footy with The Rocket

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3AW are preparing for the start of the AFL season this Friday and have announced they will again use 'The Rocket' to deliver real-time stats for their commentary team (see some screen grabs below).

GM of 3AW, Shane Healy, said:

“We have the best callers in the game, so teaming them with the best ‘in-game’ technology is a formidable formula that is set to be a real window on the game for listeners"

“The Rocket is so good – all the coaches are using it. We’re the only commentary team to tap into this ground-breaking technology"

3AW's commentary team is below which this year includes Cameron Ling and Steve Quartermain.

Brian Taylor – Head Commentator
Dwayne Russell – Commentator
Tim Lane – Commentator
Tony Leonard – Commentator
Steve Quartermain – Commentator
Bruce Eva – Commentator
Shane McInnes – Commentator / Boundary Rider
Darren Boyd – Commentator / Boundary Rider
Matthew Lloyd – Special Comments
Cameron Ling – Special Comments
Leigh Matthews – Special Comments
Chris Johnson – Special Comments
Matthew Richardson – Special Comments
Tony Shaw – Special Comments
Seb Costello – Stats Analyser
Graeme Bond – Stats Analyser
Doc Larkins – Boundary Rider/ Injuries
Mick Warner – Preview/Boundary Rider
Mike Sheahan – Media Commentator/ Preview
Caroline Wilson – Media Commentator / Preview

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