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The Executive Chairman of the Macquarie Radio Network, Russell Tate (right), has taken a defiant position regarding the Alan Jones situation.

When he was asked for his response to the cancellation of advertising contracts on 2GB, Tate commented;

"When there's a response it will be between me and my sales team and our individual advertisers. The relationship with advertisers is a private one and a commercial one."

 "There won't be a response, there isn't one and that's the end of it."

Asked if he was aware of the number of advertising contracts that had been cancelled, Tate said;

"I don't even know the extent of it, mate, to tell you the truth at the moment, I'll be talking to my sales guys a bit later on. What our clients want to say about their relationship with 2GB is their business, obviously. What I want to say about our relationship with our clients to the media is nothing."

"Alan will be back as planned on air tomorrow morning".

Tate was then asked if the relationship between 2GB and Jones was strained, he repeated the statement, saying;

"Alan will be back as planned on air tomorrow morning. I suggest you listen."

In addition to Woolworths, Freedom Furniture, Mercedes-Benz, Challenger, JJ Metro West, Dilmah Tea and Lexus pulling their advertising (Lexus a fortnight ago); tonight ING Direct, Bing Lee, Lite'n'Easy and the Australian International Motor Show have announced they have cancelled their advertising with Alan Jones program.

Telstra and Harvey Norman, whilst not currently advertising on the Jones program, have both announced that they will not support the program through their advertising.


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