2 special guests for Fitzy & Wippa’s latest song

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Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco recently teamed up for the song 'Battle Scars', but they've now hit the height of their respective careers by helping record a parody version with Fitzy & Wippa from Nova 969.

The new version is all about Wippa and how much he loves snacks, it's called ‘Cookie Jars’. He's even recently taken his love as far as hitting the streets of Sydney as a character called 'Snackman'.

Nova says….

"Guy recorded his part first and when Lupe heard it he decided he had to be involved, and quickly wrote some lyrics about Wippa’s love of snacks, scribbling them down on the nearest piece of paper he could find. He then hit the studio with Nova’s Richard Culph and recorded it in no more than ten minutes."

Wippa was surprised they agreed to record the song.

“The funny thing was Lupe and Guy thought the whole Snackman thing was funny so now they’re helping the spread (of it), it’s become like the movie Outbreak. I tell you I wouldn’t have liked to have gone to school with Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco. I wonder if they picked on the fat kid back then. Sticks and stones may break my bones but cheap parodies will never hurt me.”

But Wippa did admit the song does ring true.

"It’s embarrassing but when I get out of bed in the morning even before I have a shower I have a cookie. They’re so good, they’re from Switzerland. I wake up and I think I don’t want to get out of bed and I think ‘hang on, I can have a cookie'."

See the video for 'Cookie Jars' below…

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