‘Where are the Chicks?’

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We appreciate all the comments that have been coming in on Radio Today, and encourage you to share your views on our content – even if you have an alternate perspective. We have observed the level of commentary from the advertising community on the Mumbrella site and believe that the radio industry should also have that. This level of discussion is what we hope for Radio Today to achieve.

Over the next few days we will be adding an 'anonymous' feature to our comments box which will allow you to make a comment and not have your name published. This is an acknowledgement that for some people, for quite valid reasons, you might prefer to give a perspective on an issue without having your name attached to it.

Both Wendy Harmer and Shandra Moran have already commented that they would like to see 'more chicks'. Fair enough. 

At Radio Today, whilst we believe that the value somebody offers is not determined by gender, we acknowledge that females and males can offer different and valuable perspectives. Over the two or three weeks, amongst others, we will be featuring Nova Adelaide Program Director Irene Hulme, and Wendy Harmer will be writing on her time in FM Radio. 

And don't forget to read our profile on former Austereo executive Nicola Mills (pictured above) in the Beyond Radio section now. Click here to read

We encourage you to let us know of anything, or anyone else, you would like to see featured on Radio Today. If we were a 90s radio station, about now we would say something like 'we listen to you because you listen to us' but that is a slogan perhaps best left alone. However the sentiment is valid: we are open to feedback, so comment away.

As a footnote, Survey one is released tomorrow, Radio Today will have all the results and analysis from around 9.30 when they are released.


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