Waleed Aly comments on the culture of Broadcasting at Triple M

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Following the recent Eddie McGuire incident with journo Caroline Wilson, Waleed Aly from The Project appeared on the ABC TV’s Offsiders on Sunday and made comments about why Collingwood Footy Club became the story to start with and not Eddie McGuire and Triple M.

Aly said: “I thought it was interesting the way Triple M was not the story, even when it did became a story”.

Waleed on Offsiders went on to say: “Collingwood became the story, which I thought was strange because it wasn’t actually a Collingwood issue.” 

Other guests on Offsiders asked why nothing was done about the comments on Triple M until days later, well after they went to air.

Aly then said: “It sounded so familiar”.

“There’s this weird double-hatted thing that McGuire has going on being a broadcaster and a president. James Brayshaw has that as well at North Melbourne.

“Danny Frawley was actually the one who probably said the most lamentable thing in the whole scenario but he’s not a club president, so I thought there was a story elsewhere in this about the cultures of broadcasting.”

As we know, Eddie McGuire made the comments about Caroline Wilson at a charity event on June 13 with the story breaking on the weekend of the 18/19th. SCA apologised to its listeners, the wider community and Caroline Wilson on June 24. 

Football team Richmond boycotted Triple M for a week as well. A significant move against the network.  

It remains to be seen what impact the Eddie comments  will have on ratings, the incident occurring in the second last week of Survey #4. with ratings results announced next week on Tuesday July 5.

You can watch the entire chat on ABC Iview or the Offsiders website here.

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