Triple M Southwest’s Allan conquers the Cape to Cape track

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Triple M Southwest Brekky presenter Allan Aldworth has conquered the Cape to Cape Track.

Running for 135km from Cape Naturalist and Cape Leeuwin, Allan’s seven-day journey has finally come to an end.

Allan broadcast each day from his local accommodation and used the Margaret River Find the Fun App the Cape to Cape Track App each day to find his way.

“This was a massive challenge and something that I wasn’t really sure I could do until I actually did it,” said Allan.

“There was over 14km of walking in soft sand, lots of hills and way too many snakes for my liking.

“We had a tonne of listeners sharing their love and support on our social media pages which was great. I just hope that it inspires people out there and go do something as challenging as this.”

Day 8, 135km, that's a wrap, only a small day today with minimal beach, but it is finally done. Thanks for all the love…

Posted by Triple M Southwest on Sunday, 14 October 2018

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16 Oct 2018 - 11:54 am

This is guy is one to watch. So much amazing content!


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