Former Triple M presenter Becko kicks off ‘The Rider’ podcast

Radio veteran Chris ‘Becko’ Beckhouse has released the first episode of his new podcast ‘The Rider’ today, kicking things off with INXS great, Andrew Farriss.

Leaving Triple M this year after a long run of prominent interviews, Becko has used the opportunity to get his long-awaited podcast off the ground and into the ears of music diehards everywhere.

‘The Rider,’ is a series of audio and video interviews that get all of the gritty details from some of rock and rolls greatest with a raw and unfiltered experience, making you feel like you’re knocking one back at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset Strip.

Becko boasts an impressive record of interviewing some legends like, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Angus Young, Gene Simmons, Billy Joe Armstrong, Kevin Parker and Mike Shinoda.

The first episode featuring Andrew Farriss marks the 24th anniversary Michael Hutchence’s death, and shares some intriguing personal moments about Michael’s unfortunate struggles.

Farris talks about how he knew Michael was going through a tough time, “I feel like he was at a crossroads at that particular time” and Michael said, “I feel safe with you guys.”

Last count, INXS has sold 75 million (plus) records, and most of those were either written by Farriss or co-written with Michael Hutchence.

On the anniversary of Michael’s death, and recently, the 30th anniversary of ‘Live Baby LIVE’ Andrew opens up on how he and Michael complimented each other so well as song writers for INXS.

Andrew also tells Becko how many like to package you as either a rock artist or a country artist and put you in a little box that is hard to break out of.

Listen to ‘The Rider’ here

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Becko is the best!


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