Triple M Adelaide’s Rush Hour toasts 1,000 shows

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Triple M’s Rush Hour with Jars & Louie celebrated its 1,000th show last Friday.

To toast their Triple M Adelaide Drive show, Jars & Louie broadcast live from the Bridgeway Hotel.

They received stacks of messages from guests over the years, including Adelaide Crows legend Tony Modra who stopped by to get in on the celebrations.

“It’s been like a marriage, it’s been a really quick journey, a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed it. I can’t believe we got there,” said Jars.

“He’s an absolute gift, just so intelligent and compassionate,” he added of co-host Louie.

“Well I come in every day, I put Jarman on my back and get on with the job. But seriously, Jars is so humble for all his achievements, and we love doing it together,” added Louie.

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Ashamed Adelaide Local
15 Apr 2019 - 9:30 pm

I particularly liked show number 276 when Jars advised a guest to “stick his big fat…” well I won’t spoil it, catch up on the podcast I guess.


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