Three Questions: Matthew Granger

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It’s been a big 2016 in radio, as the New Year starts we are asking a bunch of you three quick questions. Up next it’s ARN National Agency Sales Director, Matthew Granger.

The year in review, what are you most pleased with from 2016.

2016 was another great year for radio. Audience and market growth continued to showcase the powerful role radio and its touchpoints plays for audiences and advertisers. From ARN’s perspective the MFA award for Canadian Club illustrated our ability to connect our clients with our audiences through great content. We gained a deeper understanding of what audiences are looking for through the two leading pieces of research we conducted in partnership with Pollinate in 2016.  All of this places us in an exciting position to deliver even stronger insight led solutions for our clients in 2017.   

Biggest challenge facing your stations in the next 12-months?

Radio’s ongoing success is driven by relentless competition.  This competition always provides a challenge, but also an opportunity. 2017 will be no different.     


Favourite song of 2016?

Cheap Thrills – Sia




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