The Top New Talent To Watch in 2014


Last year’s list of Top New Talent to Watch had a big impact on the radio industry and many have taken big steps forward in their careers (see here).

As discussed in Great Talent Matters, great talent are the ones that offer something different, unique, and memorable – and the truly great talent eventually become “Stars”.

The great talent that “make it” in the long run are more often the ones who take a professional approach to becoming the stars they will one day be. In other words, the best way to become a star in the future, is to take a professional approach to being the star you will one day become.

Great talent take a professional approach to becoming stars:

Stand out 
True to themself

All of the names on the list below have the potential to be tomorrow’s biggest radio or media stars. Some are listed on their own and others as part of an established on-air team. Some were also on last years New Talent list but deserve another mention.

So … here’s the Top New Talent To Watch in 2014 … (in no particular order)


Tommy & Candy Candy Hertz was at 7HO FM drive in Hobart and is now on breakfast at Star FM Shepparton with Tommy Jacket (previously from Triple M). A strong new on-air team.




Paul Brown Paul 'Browny' Brown is on breakfast at Hot FM Central Queensland, and is a bright talent of the future. Browny started on the Gold Coast, at Sea FM / Gold FM.



Tommy Little Tommy was on last years Top New Talent list. Only 25, Tommy has already been labelled 'The Future Of Funny'. He has joined Meshel Laurie at Nova 100 in what is probably the strongest of all this year’s new metro breakfast line-ups.

Nova 100



Dani Pola Daniela Pola is at Sea FM Central Coast as part of the Dani & Nath breakfast show. She previously worked at 92.9 and on The Dirt, starting originally on late nights.



Bree & Gawndy Daniel Gawned & Bree are on Nova Brisbane weekends and have their own pop-up radio show on Facebook. Nice idea. Early days for these two, and worth keeping an eye on.




Esther Woodhams Esther “Woody” Woodhams is at Sea FM Hobart and now co-hosts breakfast with Paul Hogan. Woody originally started as a producer with the Charles Woolley show in Albury.



Matt Lipiarski Matt is now heard on TRFM Gippsland. Matt was a Best Newcomer finalist at last year’s ACRA's for his work at MIXX in Hamilton Victoria.


Becs Lee Becs is on K-Rock Geelong and is a relative newcomer to radio. Her brave story on cosmetic surgery was covered here.



Teegan Higginbotham and Nath Valvo Teegan is a comedian and writer. Nath combines radio and comedy and has been described as ‘razor sharp, bitchy and ballsy’. A good combination. Teegan and Nath have been doing weekend shows on Nova Melbourne.



Joe Hildebrand

First time to radio, Joe has joined Matt Tilley on the new Triple M national drive show ‘The One Percenters’. Joe also works at the Daily Telegragh and is a co-host on Studio 10.



Sam & Dom They recently got a break doing late nights a couple of nights a week at B105. They started on 96five in Brisbane in late 2011. You can hear them here.



Nathan Cera Nathan is co-host of Sea FM Central Coast breakfast with Dani Pola. He previously worked in Perth at both 92.9 and Nova 937. Nath has also worked for Fairfax and has a great future ahead of him.



Tim Wong-See Tim has just turned 19, went to AFTRS and recently scored a mid-dawn role at Nova 96.9, Sydney snapped up by PD Brendan Taylor.




Emily Goddard Emily hosts Your 20 on The Edge 96.1 and prior to that started in radio working for a few years as a sales coordinator at ARN.




Joel Creasey 22 year old Joel has worked on-air mainly in Perth, originally as a Nova 937 Casanova, and later at 92.9 breakfast and also late nights. Joel was featured in the article Another Great Talent Who Should be on Radio.



Amber Wheatland Amber is on Star FM Mildura breakfast with Bill What. Amber has only been on radio for a couple of years and was born and raised in Mildura after getting her start at The Mildura Media centre.



Matthew Ambrose Matthew is on Magic FM Port Augusta as part of the Matt and Beth Breakfast show. Matt picked up an ACRA for Best on-air team in 2013. Website
Will & Woody The boys are now on breakfast at 92.9 with Heidi, who appeared on last years Top New Talent list. A very talented pair, they previously did Today network weekend breakfast.




Jaben Ryan Jaben recently joined Nova 96.9 Sydney after working at Nova 919 Adelaide. He previously worked at Hot 100 Darwin. @JabenRyan
Nic Kelly Nic works at 2Day FM and Sea FM Central Coast. A rising star of radio, he recently talked about his anxiety in a powerful and honest blog.



Stacey Wren Stacey is now part of the Huw and Stacey breakfast show on Star FM in Latrobe Valley. 'Racey Stacey' appeared on Big Brother 2012 before joining radio.



Lindsay Ellis Lindsay recently started at B105 after being in Canberra since mid 2011. Before that she was working at ARN and Grant Broadcasters. A great new talent with a big future. @_LindsayEllis
Luke James Luke is now doing weekends on KIIS 1065 after coming from The Edge. A born and bred Sydney-sider, Luke started radio broadcasting from his bedroom at age 10! @_lukejames
Matt Okine Matt is a comedian & actor. He began his career by becoming a national triple j Raw finalist and was a 2Day FM Comedy God finalist. Matt is now on triple j breakfast with Alex Dyson.



Matt Newell Matt is another name from reality TV. After reaching the semi finals on My Kitchen Rules, Matt is now on Sea FM Hobart. Matt was passionate about radio prior to going on the reality show. @mattsnewell
Alo Baker Alo does mornings on Hot FM WA. He was previously on-air and promotions at Star FM Dubbo and recently posted a live video aircheck.



Dan Anstey Dan was at Nova 100 and now anchors the Fifi & Dave Fox breakfast show. He was also part of the comedy review show Reel2Reel & has a great future ahead of him in media.


Ryan Jon Ryan is now on Hot FM Central Queensland breakfast with Hamish & appeared on last years Top New Talent list. Previously working in Mildura, he is definitely a rising star of radio.




Kristen Henry Kristen was previously at KOFM and a former News Director. She has recently headed back to Mix 106.3 Canberra to co-host breakfast with Rod Cuddihy. @kristenhenry
Aiden Grant Aiden is Drive announcer and Music Director at K-Rock Geelong. He has worked at Ballarat and Muswellbrook, was an ACRA Finalist in 2013.



Ash London Ash was recently announced as the new co-host of national MCM show Take 40 Australia with Angus O’Loughlin and is also the host of Channel Elevens The Loop.




And a special mention to Dylan Finch – very early days for Dylan who’s looking for a break into commercial radio. Dylan is now doing community radio in Sydney and studying radio at AFTRS. He can be heard via talent platform Spotd.

Keep an eye on this new talent, all heading for bigger and better things in 2014 and beyond.

If you want to chat more about your media career, you can email me at [email protected] or Scott Muller at [email protected]

Brad March is a former CEO of the Austereo Network and is Managing Director of Marchmedia.


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