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A few weeks back we told you about the new QuickHitz format. A format that delivered super-low commercial inventory and 24 songs an hour – simple, the music was sliced in half.

90.3 AMP Radio in Calgary was the first station in the vast Newscap Group in Canada to launch the format. It wasn’t long before the station copped a spray from Canadian Artists and musicians for chopping their works in half. The most vocal being Jann Arden.

90.3 AMP Radio dropped the format Tuesday and has gone back to its original format – and full songs.


"As we evaluated it, we made the decision that this week we would just go back to the old strategy because to do this successfully would involve far too many lawyers getting far too rich.", Steve Jones, vice-president of programming for Newcap told  The Canadian Press

"It was greeted with a lot of curiosity and it was also greeted with numerous legal threats from a variety of different directions," he went on to say.

QuickHitz is a turnkey format product from Sparknet , the same guys from Canada who delivered the Jack– playing what they want – format.

Is the QuickHitz format dead for the group?

"Our plan is to go back to the drawing board, maybe work a bit closer with some of the various stakeholders in the industry and try and bring this back at a later date.", Steve Jones said.

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