“It costs Fairfax money, not us,”

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With the merger between Fairfax and Macquarie still to be approved by the ACCC and shareholders, there’s one bloke whose happy right now that the pending defamation case costs against Fairfax Radio’s 4BC won’t be appearing on his books.


Premier Campbell Newman launched a claim in the Queensland Supreme Court last week, Macquarie Radio Networks John Singleton said today: “He looked stupid. He’s obviously not, but he looks f. king stupid,”

Alan Jones returned to News Talk 4BC on January 19th and made headlines fairly fast.

Speaking further in The Australian Singo went on to say: “Everyone knows their 4BC now. It’s a very cheap way to launch 4BC and Alan Jones in Queensland. Very cheap,’’

“Alan Jones up there was a programming idea. He’s a genius. He’s the most influential broadcaster in Australian history; 200 surveys in a row he’s been No 1.”

When it comes to the looming legal bills, Singo in The Australian said:

 “He’s suing Fairfax and that’s wonderful because we’re not a joint venture yet. It costs Fairfax money, not us,”

“It’s bloody great. If it was a joint venture I might be a lot more worried. I thought ‘You beauty’.”

You can listen to Alan Jones commentary on hearing from the Queensland Premier below:

https://radiotoday.com.au/music/4bc_audio_02423.mp3 or here

You can read the full story in The Australian here.



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