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The final one of 2015 is out, Survey #8.

In Sydney it’s 2GB all the way, increasing their margin for the final book of the year. It is also two times in a row now for KIIS1065, taking the #1 FM crown in Sydney.  In Melbourne 3AW are on top, whilst FOX FM has a clear lead in the FM battle, increasing their margin again.

97.3 maintains the lead in Brisbane and the same story for ARN in Adelaide Mix102.3. And wrapping up the lap of the nation, in Perth Mix 94.5 leads once more.


First, check the summary pages below:

Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth


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The final run of 2015 sees 3AW take the crown for #8. Dave Cameron, outgoing CD at FOX will be happy to see the FOX maintain and increase its lead slightly in the FM battle.



For FOX FM, they will take that .3 increase to again claim the Top FM spot in Melbourne. It now gives them a one and half point lead ahead of Gold FM.

Fox took a bit of hit in 18-24’s again but are sweet in 25-39’s, up by another 2 points. 10 to 17’s also up.

Most of the dayparts are flat but a super increase in breakfast for Fifi & Dave, up 1.1 points to a 9.2. Yep, the new #1 FM Breakfast show, nice way to wrap up 2015 for the Fox crew.

For Triple M another decline 10 plus and so goes having the number FM breakfast show as well. The demos that matter to them are also down… be interesting to see how it pans out for their males.

All dayparts are down, only Nights didn’t budge staying flat.


Nova Entertainment

A flat result for Nova100, with the new breakfast set for 2016 they will possibly sit tight until Chrissie Swan and the entourage arrives in January.

Breakfast and Drive are down with Mornings and Arvos up. Nights is flat. Nova 100 is also steady as in the demos.

While down a point, smooth fm is still third in the market. They took a hit in the demo’s 40 plus this book. It also saw all dayparts down as well.



Kiis 101.1 had a nice increase for the final book. Up .8 to a 6.8. They are getting ready for the re-launch of their new breakfast team, with Meshel Laurie joining Matt Tilley.

Hughesy & Kate would be happy, now the Number 2 Drive team in their home town market. They increased by 1.6 points but not enough to take out Hamish & Andy.

Considering Gold 104.3 lost Brig in this round, little movement for the station – a flat result overall. While losing a few 40-54’s, they will be sitting tight as the new breakfast team debuts in 2016.



Ross and JohnStill number 1 for 3AW but they dropped 1.1 overall. They are still a mile ahead of the ABC or any FM competition.

55-64’s saw AW losing a bit of ground, the other demos are flat.

All the dayparts lost some ground, the worst being nights down nearly 4 points.  Perhaps Steve Price is not setting the world on fire in his home town market.

For Magic, largely flat. Demos for 55-64’s up again. Some small increase in most dayparts.


Pacific Star

Another flat result for SEN. They have shuffled around their talent in both breakfast and drive, see what 2016 brings.  



ABC 774 is up half a point this round, but still way behind leading 3AW.

All the dayparts are up including a healthy increase in breakfast. Nights was the only one to falter a little.

triplej declined a touch overall to 5.1%, driven by 18-39 decline again. Bring on the Hottest 100.




2GB maintains the rage in Sydney, ok.. They lead the market once more. Over at ARN, a nice way to wrap up 2015 with the #1 FM station with KIIS 1065 again. 



A flat result for Nova969 in Survey #8. While some positive moves in peeps under 24, 25 to 39’s are down a full point.

Breakfast is up a touch, Morning’s up but its Arvos and Drive is where things go south. Kate, Tim and Marty lost 1.1 points to drop to a 9.5. Hughesy & Kate are closing in fast.

NE would be disappointed with smooth’s result – down another half a point. They lost more ground in the demos 25-54’s.

No doubt they will also be looking at the workday with drops in all dayparts for the second time in a row.



For ARN, a great result for KIIS 106.5, not so great for WS FM.

KIIS is again Number 1 FM in Sydney. A nice 3.5 point jump in 25-39’s and even 40-54’s. But breakfast is where they came home, Kyle & Jackie O cracked double figures  – 10.2 share of Sydney up from 8.9. That trend continued across the day with each shift up across the board.

For WS FM, a hit in 40-54’s didn’t help their cause.  The station has seen drops in virtually every demo this round. Overall a full point down to a 6.5 to close 2015.

Every daypart is down, Jonesy & Amanda losing 1.5 points and Mornings also down over 2 points. That downward trend continued across the day.



For 2Day, um… not a lot to see. A similar result to last round and the round before that, ok the whole of 2015.

Overall 2Day holds a 3.3 and places them last on FM. In breakfast Rove & Sam, now a few weeks down the track, and little change with a flat result – a 3.1 sees them close out 2015. All eyes will be set on 2016 as they aim to rebuild the brand.

Triple M is flat this book, a 6.1 share. Small increase in 40-54’s, countered by a similar drop in 25-39’s.

The Grill Team is up a bit with Mornings snagging the biggest increase of all of them, up 1.2 points. Arvos and Drive flat and Ugly Phil had a shocker of nights – down nearly two points.



Appears that 2GB has regained the ground they lost last round. Still a super strong result for the talk brand in Sydney – commanding a 12.8 share.

Alan Jones on 2GB had a ripper result, up 1.4 points to dominate the market. Ray Hadley had a blinder to pull an 18.5.

A flat result for 2UE and 2CH. We will see what changes Macquarie has planned for 2UE in the New Year.



A flat result for the ABC in Sydney. After a ripper round in #7, this time 702 is flat. Though a 10.3 is a figure any station would kill for. They are number two in the market.

Triple j is down half a point. They should recover as the Hottest 100 starts to ramp up in survey 1 for 2016.




97.3 makes it a clean sweep for 2015. Taking out the top spot again in Surbey #8. But Nova 106.9 is gaining ground.



CD Barry Drinkwater at 97.3 in Brisbane has had a ripper 2015. A 13.5 sees 97.3 still ahead of Nova. While Nova is closing in this round, all push the reset button as 2016 starts as brand new wave.

The ground they lost last round in 25-39’s has be restored, up 2.5 points. 40-54’s remain flat.

In Breakfast while 97.3 increased their market share by half a point, it wasn’t enough to take out Spencer on 612ABC – he jumped a further 1.7 points.  97.3 is still a healthy 13.5 to be the number one commercial player, 1.7 points clear of Nova.

Stablemate 4KQ is up to an 8 share. With KQ Breakfast and Drive up a touch.



A flat result for Adrian Brine at hit105 for Survey #8. A 10.7 puts them fourth in the market.

Stav & Abby are down half a point but Hamish & Andy fared worse, losing 1.5 to be third in the river city. hit105 is down with the demos 18 to 39.

Meanwhile over a Triple M, more bad news. After losing market in Survey #7, the trend continues this round, down to an 8.4 from 9.1. All shifts are down across the day and into the night.




For Nova 106.9 a strong surge to wrap up 2015 – up 1.4 points to 12.7 and number two in the market.

Ash, Kip & Lutsy is up over a point and those good vibes continued across the day. Arvos having the biggest jump up a full three points.  Kate, Tim & Marty reclaims number one again in Brisbane.



4BC has gone backwards again. Down .7 to pull 4.6 of Brisbane. Breakfast and Mornings are flat, Afternoons down, Drive Down and Nights got smashed, losing 3 points.

All that said, they had a good increase of over two points in 55-64’s.

Over to Magic882, down again to 3.2 share off 4.2 last round. All networked shifts are down, the only guiding light, is Nights with Donna Lynch from Brisbane, up .3.



612 ABC is a powerhouse. Up a full 1.3 points to 12.6 and Spencer Howson blitzes it again, up 1.7 points. Spencer had 15.5 for last round, Survey #8 a 17.2 thank you!

A good round for triple j – up ten plus and also some good rises in key dayparts.





Adelaide still see’s MIX102.3  hold the high ground.



Not the best exit of 2015 for hit105 – down over half a point but it would be breakfast where the most concern may sit. Cat & Amos down a point to pull a 5.7. The downward trend continued across the day until Hamish & Andy, who remained flat.

Last round hit was competitive in 25-39’s only to lose ground in Survey #8, 18 to 24’s they are ok.

For Triple M down a touch and both Breakfast and Drive lost share.



Mix 102.3 sliced another 1.7 points off their ten plus result but overall still hold onto the top spot.

An even 13 for this round, down from 14.7.  Mix still dominates 40-54’s and picked up close to three points in 25-39’s.

Hughesy & Kate lost their top spot in Drive to Nova. The gap widened between Mix and market leader ABC981 in Breakfast and see’s Mix drop to third overall in the market.

Steady as for Cruise. The AM automated music station holds an 8.5. It gained positive ground in most shifts outside of Breakfast and Mornings.



Survey #8 saw the resurgence of Nova Adelaide. Up 1.3 points to an 11.4. Strong increase with Lewis & Lowe caps it off. But it is Kate, Tim and Marty who will be popping the champers, the Number 1 Drive show in the city of churches.

FIVEaa,  a 10.2, so up a touch. An increase in 40-54’s but down in the upper end. Some good increases in Arvos and Drive to round out 2015.



Nice welcome for new CD Barry Keohane at 891 ABC. Up over 2 points to 12.4 and number two in the market. Solid increases in anyone aged 25 plus.

Where the ABC kills it is in Breakfast – a 17.8  up 3.3 to make them the clear number one in Adelaide by a mile. All other dayparts came for the ride.




And finally to the west, where Mix94.5 maintains their lead.



ARN would be hopping that a 7.7 is the lowest 96FM goes after a number of talent and format tweaks in the last few months. The keys demos are still trending downwards but some light at least with some of the dayparts. Most stayed flat and even Hughesy & Kate in Drive went up by .6.

Still lots of work to do on 96FM for ARN and they will be hopping that 2016 will see that come around.



A flat result for both SCA brands. That said, Mix94.5 maintains their dominance in the market with an even 15.

For hit92.9 some good increases in the demos under 40. But where they came unstuck is in Breakfast and Drive with both losing a point and more.

Mix gained some 2539’s but lost a few 40-54’s and 60-64’s. Breakfast is down, Mornings and Arvos are sweet and Drive is off a touch but still number two in the space.



Nova clearly holds second spot in Perth with an even 12. Breakfast #1 FM, Drive #1 (by .8), Nights #1 (FM) finishes off the picture.



6IX is flat and sits in last place in the commercial market.

Nights, Drive and Breakfast up a touch.



6PR in Perth – down by nearly a full point. A 7.8.

Some loses in key demos and some movements in the dayparts in the negative territory



triple j really is strong in Perth, todays result a mirror of last round – an 11.3.

Any commercial station will kill for their 18-39 result – they are number 1.

ABC720 is up by .6 – a 9.6 now places them fourth in the market.

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