Sneak peek at comedy entries for the 2023 Radio Today Podcast Awards


Competition is fierce in the Best Comedy Podcast category ahead of the 3rd annual Radio Today Podcast Awards.

Here’s just a sample of this year’s contenders:


Hangin’ Out with the Old Fellas:

In Hangin’ Out with the Old Fellas, the Attrick BrothersJerry and Barry – review the week’s events live (more or less) from the Spindly Pines Nursing Home sick bay. ​Or the library. Or the timeout room.

It’s an octogenarian take on the news for all the young folk (ie: the under 70s).



Over the last five years Mamamia has noticed a sharp rise in cancel-culture, a phenomenon where an individual, institution or production is deemed “cancelled” by popular culture due to a single or series of transgressions.

Hosted by writers, podcasters and twins, Clare and Jessie Stephens, CANCELLED unpacks what happens to celebrities once the world turns on them.

The show’s target audience is mobile-first Gen Zs and Millennials with an interest in both pop culture and social justice.

Every Tuesday, Clare tells Jessie a story about a person that society has tried to cancel.


Sports Bizarre with Titus O’Reilly and Mick Molloy:

Every week, Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy are on the hunt for the most bizarre and funniest stories to ever occur in the world of sport.

Sports Bizarre delves into the history of sport to find the stories that you wouldn’t believe if they hadn’t happened.

No sport is off limits.

Stories covered include teammates calling a press conference to announce they’re swapping wives and the Tour De France that saw itching powder put in riders’ shorts.

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