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From tomorrow in Breakfast and Drive, Triple M Melbourne and SEN will be running a campaign for the Asian Pacific Group, a real estate development company based in Melbourne.

What is unusual about this campaign is the creative execution, which has been developed by Naked Communications. (Adam Ferrier of Naked right)

The campaign is called 'It's a Secret', and there are two executions, one with a male voice, and one a female. Both feature virtual silence for the bulk of the commercial.

Each starts at normal volume, before asking the listener to 'stop listening' because they have a secret to discuss, which the voice-over then does at an extremely low volume. The concept being that the listener will turn the volume up, and therefore be engaged with the creative.

Creative version one here;

Creative version two here;

It will be interesting to see how the processing on both stations deals with the concept. It is audible enough that the emergency tape will not kick in, however will the on-air processing attempt to lift the volume?

We will find out.

If it doesn't, for those listeners who do turn the volume up, they will get a nasty shock when the subsequent commercial comes on given the volume they will have their radio at.

The campaign will run for two months on Triple M and SEN in Melbourne.


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