Searching the podcast world for radio talent


The potential for podcasters to make the move into radio has never been more apparent.

The ‘Podcast to Broadcast’ strategy across the KIIS Network on Saturdays has been something of a revelation for ARN, with podcasters showcasing their talents and demonstrating they are indeed cut out for radio.

Having identified a further opportunity to connect with listeners, ARN Chief Content Officer Duncan Campbell tells Radio Today it made sense to serve up something different on Saturdays:

“I always felt that Saturday, while not the same as Monday to Friday, was really the sixth working day of the week. Parents were out and about, driving kids across the city for sports events and things like that.”

“So we decided to focus on Saturdays, and rather than just providing the normal sort of breakfast show and music right across the day, we offered some different content in the form of our podcast talent delivering shows. Hence the podcast to broadcast strategy.”

Campbell says it’s been interesting to see what’s out there:

“I was keen to see what kind of talent there was in the podcast world that might be good and suited for radio.”

“The Life Uncut girls are certainly very well suited to radio, and will probably have a bigger radio career in the near future.”

“So I think it provides a good variety. There’s still lots of music. But a lot of variety of content when people are out and about, moving from one place to another on Saturdays.”

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Oh well....
2 Jun 2022 - 9:02 am

Not really much point in grinding it out in regional radio these days…
The new progression to metro lies in being either a podcaster with a ready-made fan base or a reality star. 🙁


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