SCA chairman ‘must apologise for his comments’

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British MP Keith Vaz, spokesman for the family of Jacinta Saldanha, has called for an apology from SCA chairman Max Moore-Wilton after his comments at the AGM yesterday.

During the meeting, when answering questions about whether there is a cultural problem among on-air talent following recent gaffes from Eddie McGuire, Kyle, and the royal prank call, he said:

"These incidents were unfortunate, no doubt about that…but in the immortal words of someone whose identity I cannot recall, S-H-I-T happens."

When asked about his comment by Fairfax Media after the meeting, he said:

‘‘I think it was a one sentence comment wasn’t it, I have no comment, I made a comment in one sentence. I am glad the media is so busy."

Overnight the news has reached the UK, where the spokesman for the Saldanha family, Keith Vaz (below), has personally commented, saying:

“This is an insult to the memory of a loving mother and wife. The radio station has clearly not learnt the lessons from this incident."

He also said that Moore-Wilton "must apologise for his comments immediately.”

Mr Moore-Wilton has responded today, telling AAP:

"Mr Vaz should look at the transcript of my comments and take it in context rather than listening to the truncated and sensationalist reports of the Australian media.

"What the media commentary focused on was a one sentence that I made and presumably that's what Mr Vaz is focusing on.

"It's in the eye of the beholder. It's entirely Australian. I don't know whether it's British but it's certainly … been used by many Australians to express a point of view. I'm not here to be censored for my use of a word which is common in everyday parlance in Australia.

"If you don't like it, or the media don't like it, well that's fine."

More in The Australian.

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