Rob McKnight becomes executive producer of new Sofie Formica show on 4BC

Former Editor & Content Director

Former television executive turned TV reporter Rob McKnight is making the shift into radio, announcing he will be the executive producer of 4BC’s new Afternoons show.

Nine Radio recently announced Sofie Formica would be fronting the new program from 11am on Monday, October 4.

McKnight has worked for all three commercial free-to-air TV networks in production roles and was the founding executive producer of Channel 10’s morning program Studio 10. 

After a legal battle with Channel 10, which settled out of court, McKnight became the head of video at News Corp.

Most recently, he’s been the co-creator and senior editor of TV news and gossip site TV Blackbox, alongside Kevin Perry and Steve Molk.

He then launched a streaming show The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show with Ben Norris and David ‘Robbo’ Robinson, which was heralded by the trio as something which would “reshape the way we get news and information”.

In revealing his new radio venture today, however, McKnight noted the Australian market clearly “isn’t quite ready” for his online television adventures.

“Potential investors have been spooked by COVID-19 and companies are sticking to what they know,” he said.

McKnight said instead, recent forays into radio where he filled in for 4BC’s Spencer Howson and Bill McDonald, had been a “revelation”.

“The intimacy with the audience and the ability to talk about topics is something that I connect with and it really appeals to me,” he said.

“Radio is a format I believe suits me well.”

He said he is genuinely excited to work alongside Formica as her EP on her new 4BC Afternoons show.

“This is a role that will allow me to learn the skills of radio both on and off the air,” he said. “I will continue to be on 4BC’s roster of fill-in presenters while honing my skills in this (new to me) medium.”

McKnight said he will continue to work with TV Blackbox, despite the potential conflict due to Nine’s television interests.

“I am grateful for that and applaud Nine for their confidence in allowing such an arrangement,” he said.

He did concede, however, that being the EP of 4BC Afternoons would take up most of his creativity and time.

Nine declined to comment further.

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23 Sep 2021 - 2:51 pm

I’m watching with baited breath to see how Rob goes with this.

He’s got the passion, but the commute from the GC to Brisbane every day will no doubt suck the life out of him. As you’ve said “being the EP of 4BC Afternoons would take up most of his creativity and time.”.

Considering he’s trying to get his own steaming service out of the blocks, runs a successful podcast service (or two) and a large site, something’s gotta give.

That said, I know that anything Rob sets his mind to he’ll give 110% to. Best of luck, McKnight!


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