Ricky Nixon’s bizarre call to Nova 100

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ex-AFL player manager, and now budding comedian, Ricky Nixon has called into Nova 100's Hughesy & Kate to complain about his interview on The Project last night.

He was unhappy that he didn't get a chance to plug his Melbourne International Comedy Festival show.

Ricky texted Hughesy after last nights show saying: “What the hell was that chick from the US? (Will & Grace star Megan Mullally)”

Hughesy texted back saying: “She’s Hollywood, you did well.”

Ricky said: “Not happy, had offers from Seven and Nine for money."

Hughesy said: “Seven and Nine would have gone harder hate. Don’t get angry just let it go"

But in a weird chat on the Nova 100 breakfast show, he again forgot to plug the show and ended the call abruptly by saying:

“I’ve got news for you, you obviously don’t follow me on Facebook and obviously some people are pretty happy on the chicken train. We have a laugh every day, we don’t cry and grizzle like some of you grumble guts out there and sooky sooky la la. You keep going, I’m off to bed toot toot.”

Hear the full chat here….

or hear it here

Ricky didn't call back but he did tweet Hughesy to tell him that he’d forgotten to plug his show during the interview.

Picture: Josie Hayden Leader (Herald Sun)

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