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On ABC's Australian Story tomorrow night, they feature 2GB's Ray Hadley.

The show description says, "Ray Hadley is loud, opinionated and controversial. He's a tireless worker for charity. And he's merciless towards politicians.

In this program Ray Hadley opens up and reveals some uncomfortable truths about the past and about the temper that's been getting him into trouble."

In the Daily Telegraph today they reveal part of the story, regarding the split from his wife Suzanne in 2010.

She said: "I think when Ray did have the morning show and it was successful, his ego did grow.

"I think he started to think: 'Wow I'm pretty cool, I'm pretty good'.

"'What brought him back to reality was when he would come home and he was still the same person in our eyes."

"Two years ago I was very frustrated with the way things were going in our relationship and everything in our life was pretty much revolving around Ray."

"He got angry probably because of his workload and probably because he wanted everything to be perfect, but he got angry about something and I just couldn't deal with it any more, so I left and moved somewhere else with the children."

"I think he thought: 'I had everything, I had my world together, what happened?' I often say to him, 'If you worked even one-tenth at this side, how successful your whole life would be' – and I think now he gets it."

"I'm not an easy person to live with, I admit that," Ray said. "I like things to be in routine, and if things aren't in routine I get a bit out … I become more difficult."

The couple are now back together with Ray admitting he is "much calmer" at home these days.

Watch a short preview of the story here featuring some early in-studio footage of Ray filling in for John Laws at 2UE.

Read more in the Daily Telegraph here

Australian Story airs at 8pm Monday night on ABC1.

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