Radio fights to share One Direction halo

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The battle for the CHR stations to 'own' One Direction whilst they are in Australia continues, and given the band have only been in Sydney so far it has been a Sydney-centric battle.

Tuesday and Wednesday would be awarded clearly to the Today Network after they had the band on the various Breakfast shows around the country, and playing a live private show for 200 listeners and clients.

The private show particularly was fantastic for the group and was teased and milked for weeks (here), and will continue to be over coming days. There is no doubt the first half of the week was a big win for the network.

However the back end of this week is a different story. Thursday and Friday go to Nova with their promotion and development of the story arc of one of the band members flirting with, and exchanging phone numbers with, Nova 969's Sydney receptionist Anna.

In what began as a reasonably innocuous encounter after band member 'Zayn' asked her out for a drink that night, it developed into a great story for Nova to blanket the network with to gain traction in the One Direction publicity war. 

Yesterday, Anna was on all the Nova Breakfast shows around the country telling the story, and talking about 'the haters'. Today, she is all over the newspapers, and online, around the country. See the video here.

She said "by the end of the day it got a bit too scary. I didn't even want to walk home. It was so intense. I messaged (Zayn) and said, 'Maybe it's not a good idea we meet up'. It was just a bit too full-on. I know it's just typical teenage girl stuff, but I don't understand it."

Nova understand it completely.

From their perspective the reaction from the teenage fans of One Direction was perfect, it gave the original story of 'pop star flirts with receptionist' another twist and another day or two of life as Anna and the shows discussed 'the haters'. 

Ironically, Anna has probably obtained the Nova network publicity worth about 4 or 5 times her salary in the past couple of days.

It's all part of the CHR battle to bathe in the halo of the biggest boy band in the world at the moment, and it's good for radio. Perhaps not so good for Anna's boyfriend though.

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