Race tightens in Gold Coast survey 3

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The third and final survey for 2013 has been released on the Gold Coast.

See the results here.

While Gold FM remain on top, they have dropped by 1.1 to 15.1%, with second placed Sea FM falling 1.6 to 14.5%. Third placed Hot Tomato was the only station of the three to increase share; up 1.1 to an overall share of 13.4%.

The new Hot Tomato breakfast show, Flan & Emily Jade, has seen an increase of 1%, now on 12.3%, whilst both of the Sea and Gold breakfast shows both lost share.

Our chat with Hot Tomato PD David Rymer is here.

More analysis and the press releases are below…

SCA have had a tough result on the Gold Coast. Both stations are down, both have lost share in breakfast and across the workday, with Sea FM also losing share (2.8) in drive and nights (4.0). While they still have the top 2 stations in town, the battle has certainly tightened with Hot Tomato growing.

Gold FM were mostly impacted in afternoons where the station lost 3.1%, falling from 1st to 3rd in the market. At breakfast, mornings and drive they held position and in nights they are now the #1 commercial station (triple j are #1 with 10.7%).

Richard, Bridge & Spida were down 1.2 at breakfast, recording the stations lowest Breakfast result for a number of years. However, in the demo's they remain #1 40+, and increased 1.1 with 55-64's. They dropped 3.9 with 25-39's with that demo gravitating towards Hot Tomato and triple j this survey.

Sea FM lost the most ground this survey, down 1.6 to 14.5%. Galey, Matt & Charli are down 1.4 however still hold #1, by only 0.7 over Gold. Mornings dropped and is now 3rd in the market, afternoons dropped but is now #1, and so is drive despite falling 2.8. Nights are down 4 points and went from 1st to 4th with only 0.7 covering the top 4.

In the demo's, Sea is a clear #1 under 40 but dropped 6.4 with 18-24's and 1.4 with 25-39's. They gained 4.8 with 10-17's.

Hot Tomato will be very pleased with today's result, which places the station within striking distance of Sea FM overall.

Up 1.1% 10+ with increases in all under 40 demo's; 10-17's up 3.3, 18-24's up 3.5, 25-39's up 4.4. The 25-39 lift helped the station go from 3rd to 2nd behind Sea FM. 40-54 they dropped marginally by 1.0% and were slightly up 55-64. They are also #1 25-54.

Hot Tomato gained in every daypart with the workday seeing the strongest improvements. Up 1.0% at breakfast (still 3rd), 1.9 in mornings (3rd to 2nd), 1.0 in arvos (3rd to 2nd), 0.7 in drive and 1.8 at night. The Breakfast result for Hot Tomato would be particularly pleasing given the new lineup has only been in place since August.

triple j had a good survey. They are up 0.9% 10+ with 25-39's having a solid increase of 3.8, and now above Gold, trailing Hot Tomato and Sea FM. They are also up in every shift with nights the stand out, up 1.5 and now #1 in the market.




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