Quentin Tarantino hosting a new podcast with Roger Avary

Movie lovers unite. Quentin Tarantino will be dusting off his renowned VHS collection for a podcast with director and producer Roger Avary to talk all things cinema. 

The SiriusXM Stitcher podcast will be called The Video Archives Podcastafter the renowned Californian store where it all began for the two. 

The pair famously met in 1983 when they worked at the iconic Video Archives movie rental store in Manhattan Beach, California, before later creating cult classic Pulp Fiction together.

Quintin later purchased all the VHS tapes to rebuild the store in his home, and now those same movies that were once loaned to customers will be the subjects of discussion. 

“If we don’t have the video cassette, it can’t be counted as a movie. It has to be from the collection,” says Tarantino.

From controversial James Bond films to surprising exploitation flicks, the duo, joined by their announcer Gala Avary, will expose listeners to movies they didn’t know they’d love and give awards to their favourites.

In a joint statement, Quentin and Roger said: “We never imagined that 30 years after we worked together behind the counter at Video Archives, we would be together again doing the exact same thing we did back then: talking passionately about movies on VHS.”

“Watching movies was what originally brought us together and made us friends, and it’s our love of movies that still brings us together today. So we surrounded ourselves with the original Video Archives collection, where we both worked before we became celebrated filmmakers, and time-travelled ourselves back to the golden age of VHS. We LOVE to discuss movies, and we want to welcome you into the Video Archives Podcast to hang with us and Archives’ new employee Gala, and discover the hidden VHS gems on our shelves.”

The first episode will be released on July 19.

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