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New Zealand radio’s ratings has been in a state of flux for a few months now – Survey 2/2015 was cancelled, and then reintroduced by NZME without MediaWorks involvement. Finally, after industry agreement and the appointment of GFK for 2016, New Zealand Survey #1 has been released across the country.

Historically NZ has had 2 surveys a year, in 2016 there will be 3 surveys – below is Survey #1. This sees a fresh start for many, with the new methodology and a number of new shows on the air.


A win for the dominant NZME talk brand NewsTalk ZB on 13.6 – down marginally from the previous result, yet still #1 by a long way.

On the music side, Coast FM, while taking a hit, is second on 8.8, and competitor The Breeze is flat with 7.1%. Mai FM had a great result up from 5.2 to a 6.8, MediaWorks brand The Edge steady as at 6.6, and NZME’s The Hits up over a point to a 5.7. The Sound is flat on a 5.7, and also flat is ZM with a 4.7 share.

The station taking the biggest hit in Auckland, and across the other markets in fact, was The Rock, which in Auckland fell nearly 2 points to a 3.1 share overall, in what has been a rough result for the heritage rock brand. The Rock was beaten across the workday 10+ in Auckland by competitor Radio Hauraki.

In the network combo stakes – a win for NZME brands with a 43.6 share, and Mediaworks narrowly behind on 43.1%.


The nation’s capital sees ZB lead once more with a 15.2% share, up 1.7 on the last official book. But from there, some movement for the music brands – MediaWorks The Breeze, whilst holding second place, took a big hit of 3.6% to fall to 9.3% overall, with ZM in third place on 8.0%.

Again we see ZB lead breakfast by a super healthy margin – a 19.3. The Breeze got smashed but still Number 2 with 9.2 (was 15) and the Edge rounds out the Top 3 with a 7.1.

The stations who had a rough day in Wellington were The Breeze (down 3.6%), The Rock (down 1.9%) and Radio Live (down 1.4%).

In the network combo stakes – a win for MediaWorks brands with a 45.2, NZME Combo of brands at 41.7.


More FM, with a heritage Breakfast show in the market, dominates Christchurch with a 16.8% share, a healthy increase of 2.5%. In second place is The Sound on 10.8%, third is NewsTalk ZB on 10.7%, and fourth is The Breeze on 10.2%.

In Breakfast it is all about More FM who have nearly twice the share of the second station, More is on a 23.1% share in Breakfast, NewsTalk ZB on 12.7%, and The Breeze third on 10.2%.

Stations having a rough Christchurch result were The Rock who fell 2.7%, rounding out a dreadful book nationally, whilst The Hits and NewsTalk ZB fell by 1%.

In the network combo stakes – MediaWorks brands owns Christchurch – a 63.6 slice, NZME Combo of brands a 28.2.

On a national basis, looking at New Zealand Major markets here is how NZ looks:

For our New Zealand readers, look forward to any comments on the survey round that you might like to add.

If you did well, congratulations! If not, July 21 is not too far away.

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