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In what is every radio promo persons nightmare, Triple M Melbourne have awarded a prize to a listener, congratulated them on the air, and then called them back saying there has been a mistake and they would not be receiving the prize after all.

What makes it worse is that it was a substantial prize. A trip for two to Los Angeles to see Linkin Park play live. 

Here's how it happened. 

Chris Atkins (pictured) is a Triple M Melbourne listener, and registered for the Music Jury in April which placed him in the draw for the overseas trip.

 "I joined, read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, after the part where I filled in all my information, no worries, and it asked me to tick that I had read all of the conditions. I did that and it said that I had been entered into a competition to see Linkin Park in Los Angeles.''

Last friday, he was phoned by Triple M to tell him he was a finalist (standard practise to make sure the winner is actually there) and that the announcement was minutes away. Subsequently, Triple M called back and awarded Chris the prize of return flights to America, three nights' accommodation and tickets to see Linkin Park at the House of Blues, worth around 5 grand. He was to fly out tomorrow with his best mate.

However, a few moments after the announcement, Triple M called him back to say he was ineligible because – and here's the twist – Chris lives in Launceston and listens to Triple M online. The competition was only open to residents of Victoria. They reportedly told Chris the database had a glitch and he should not have been allowed to enter.

Triple M have offered him a consolation prize of a ticket to see Linkin Park the next time the tour Australia, and a ticket to Coldplay in November. Chris remains unimpressed.

(pic and quotes courtesy of the Launceston Examiner)

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