Nick and Sophie: Take Me Home

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When NXFM’s Nick and Sophie were speaking to past Idol Winner Wes Carr when Nick mentioned a song he had once written a song with Wes’ voice in mind.

“It’s a very personal song to me,” Nick explains, “about a person that I knew, and their partner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It’s illegal in Australia [to use] Euthanasia, but they were asking that partner to assist them because they didn’t want to go on. He refused, but then realised too late that he wanted to in the end because she didn’t have the strength to do it herself anymore.

“I wrote it with Wes Carr’s voice in mind. It actually sounds pretty creepy to say you wrote a song for someone, but it was a dream of mine for him to one day do it.”

Nick had no idea that Sophie and the producer Caitlyn Sheehan would contact Wes after the show, asking him to record the song in its entirety.  When the pair surprised Nick with the finished version, he said, “Other than [fiancé] Georgette agreeing to marry me, this is the best thing anyone’s ever done for me…Although I guess Mum giving birth to me was pretty nice as well.”

NXFM are also giving it a spin acorss the day.


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