New Zealand Survey #2

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Survey #2 is out from GfK in New Zealand. We have the full breakdown of the major markets across the nation.

On the national stage, NZME’s talk brand ZB is again the clear number 1. A big result for Edge up nearly a point and #2 overall nationally. This round also sees the two rhythmic brands Mai and Flava deliver some strong results. Mediaworks More FM had a strong round, up nearly a point to be #3 just behind Edge.

Brands having a tough day at the office are Mediaworks The Rock who took a significant hit nationally, George FM who lost a point in Auckland, and NZME’s Coast which is down 1.4 points nationally, however remains a national #6.

Let’s do a lap on the majors. Click Image to Enlarge.


  • ZB #1 with 10+ and again #1 in Breakfast with Mike Hosking.
  • A big day for Mediaworks Mai FM, leap frogging the CHR/Pop brands, seeing the Rhythmic station jump into #2 overall.
  • Another big result for Christian Boston, Group CD at More FM, into #3 overall in Auckland for survey #2.
  • NZME’s Flava had a strong result adding 1.2 points to move into the top 10 rankings with a 4.4 share.
  • Tough results for George FM, The Hits, ZM, and Coast this round in Auckland.


  • While taking a haircut (down 2.5), talk powerhouse ZB remains #1 in the nation’s capital.
  • The Breeze has regained the ground they lost in the first book of 2016, back with a strong #2 with a big jump of 1.4 points 10+.
  • Mediaworks Edge has some solid increases to be just behind NZME’s ZM.
  • The Hits, programmed by Todd Campbell, has had a strong Wellington result moving into the Top 5.
  • Bang for Radio Hauraki, they doubled their share from 2.3 to 4.6. But not quite enough to take out The Rock – in Wellington they are up 1.5 points to a 6.3 and sixth in the market. That said, Hauraki is #1 with 25-54 males in Wellington.
  • Tough day for The Sound – down 2.1, and Mai FM couldn’t replicate their Auckland result, falling to a 2.2.


  • Mediaworks More FM, while down a touch, is still the clear #1 in the market.
  • ZB is 2nd, The Sound had a flat result but maintains its place at #3. Stablemate The Breeze slots into fourth place.
  • For this round, the biggest jump was NZME’s ZM adding 1.3 to 6.5, and #6. But Mediaworks Edge is ahead on a 7.1 despite taking a half a point hit.
  • A poor result for The Rock in what is traditionally a strong market for them, down 2.3% to a 6-share. Radio Live and Radio Sport also had a softer result in Christchurch.

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