Magic 93.1 show off breakfast radio at its riskiest

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Sometimes when you want results, you have to take risks – and no one knows that more than Magic 93.1‘s breakfast team Paige ‘Paij’ Leacey and John ‘Johnny’ Wilson.

Knowing that she’d be shedding the winter clothes and busting out the swimmers to go wake boarding soon, Paij signed up to do her co-host Johnny’s Bikini Body Challenge for three weeks leading into the Riverland’s warmer months.

Little did she know that Johnny’s idea of increasing her heart rate was less than orthodox and his experience as a fitness coach was, well, none.

With the help of their friends at Circus Royale, Johnny organised for Paij to burn a few extra calories in the Globe of Death.

Leacey told Radio Today that there was only one thing going through her mind while she was in the Globe.

“How mad my mum would be should the Globe live up to its title!” she joked. “Johnny was planning his quick escape from the country.”

As for whether she has any plans to get revenge on Johnny, she was tight-lipped.

“The best revenge is living well. And at the end of the day, who is the real legend here?”

Radio at its riskiest, fitness at its finest and death at its most defiant. You can watch the clip in full below.

Johnny's Bikini Body Challenge – Starring Paij

Tag a mate that needs to take up Johnny's Bikini Body Challenge…Edited by, Emily Gelzinis Photography.

Posted by Magic 931 on Sunday, 29 October 2017


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