Louise Poole opens up about her struggle with depression

Louise Poole‘s raw new podcast series, Reframe Of Mind, raced to number 7 on the Australian Mental Health podcast charts after only six episodes, and she’s only just begun telling her story.

“I really felt like I needed a change after leaving Brisbane’s 973.

“But radio has been running thick and fast through my veins since I was 14. Like it or not, it was a prominent part of my identity.”

Louise has made a lot of changes in her life during the pandemic, not the least of which has been starting a new business, Welcome Change Media.

“With the options that exploded for remote communications in the age of COVID, Andy and I have built our new business completely remotely. He’s in Adelaide and I’m in Brisbane, but it’s like we’re in the same room.”

Reframe Of Mind emerged as a passion project for the pair and as they continued to interview guests for their first series, the shape of their original intention morphed from a 10-episode series of mental health conversations and tips from people with lived experience and scientific insights into a 42-part series that now includes the experiences and journeys of both hosts.

“All of our guests were very generous in talking about their own experiences which made us feel like we weren’t alone.

“In the end, we figured telling our own story along with theirs might help others who were feeling the same way as us.”

From a personal perspective, Louise realised how she had been using her radio career to avoid a lot of other things in her life and now her career had ended, she had no choice but to focus on her own mental health and well-being.

“I’ve been to some pretty dark places, not just in my professional career, but with events from childhood and early adulthood. Reframe Of Mind is cathartic, but it is also so much more than Andy and I facing and sharing our demons. We really want others to hear this and know they’re not alone, how they feel is valid, and there is a way out of those dark places.”

Listen now on Apple Podcasts or visit ReframeOfMind.com.au to access all related episodes and content.


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