Look Who’s Making it in Radio: Kym Loats 

Working in the radio industry was a case of the third time’s the charm for Kym Loats, but not in the way where it’s not working out, quite the opposite, by the third try, she was hooked. 

After work experience, Kym realised radio could be something she would like to make a career out of, and she wasted no time finding out.

“When I was 15, I put myself in the ring for work experience at my local radio station – MIXX FM/3HA in Hamilton Victoria. I spent a week there in 2016, and enjoyed my time in the studios, learning to voice commercials and trying my hand at making them,” Kym said. 

“When I finished high school in late 2017, I knew I wanted to have a gap year, and I contacted that same station, asking if they had any room for a fresh face for a year; they said yes.”

“In 2018, I worked full-time, primarily aiding in producing commercials and being the local footy announcer on Saturdays. I voiced the odd commercial and was on air during the mid-dawn shifts. It gave me the financial stability to move on from the station and attend university.”

Kym attended university in Ballart, and after four years of study, she completed degrees in both Literature and Creative Writing, earning First Class Honours in Creative Writing.

With her skills sharpened, Kym wanted to put them to use and couldn’t wait to return to the team at Hamilton’s MIXX FM/3HA where the journey began.

“In December 2022, I started working full-time, as the station’s creative/copywriter and announcer, making it my third time back,” Kym said.

“I don’t think I ever let go of the radio industry, or maybe it has never let go of me.”

“Now, with the knowledge of university degrees, radio is helping me expand my experience in the workforce and have fun doing it!” 

“I think the most exciting is probably using my skills in writing for a meaningful reason. I am a writer first and foremost, and I love bringing my own flavour of creativity to the local ears of the district. I love writing a commercial that stands out on air and there’s no better feeling than giving back to the community that raised me.”

Despite her love for writing and pushing the envelope creatively, Kym admits that there are challenges that come with the turf. 

“Some of the hardest things about being a writer in general is criticism,” Kym said. 

“As a copywriter, I have to separate myself from my work, and if a client does not like my work, that is not a jab at me but is just something that I need to adjust in a script. The hardest thing is to take the criticism in my stride to make my commercials better than ever.”

Kym acknowledges she’s still learning but won’t let potential criticisms stop her from taking chances to grow.

“As I’ve said, I’ve been in radio a few times, but I think one thing I didn’t know this time around is taking chances. You don’t know if that out-there script you write could work until you actually sit down and commit to it. This also applies to being on air; if we don’t take chances, how can we grow?” Kym said. 

Kym’s advice to anyone starting out is, stay true to yourself and the rest will fall into place.

“Probably the biggest tip is to be yourself. I know that is cliché, but it’s true. Not one on-air announcer or copywriter is the same but that is what makes us great. You will bring something new to a station by just being yourself, and honestly, it makes things a whole lot more fun.”

Kym can be heard weekdays between 1-3pm here.

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