Kyle Sandilands slams ‘gutless worms’ at News Corp over ‘Special Olympics’ controversy

Former Editor & Content Director

Kyle Sandilands has hit out at the “gutless worms” and “naughty liar[s]” at News Corp, branding a recent story about him “fake news”.

News Corp ran a story earlier this week about Sandilands and his team discussing “the Special Olympics”.

Sandilands was actually referring to the Paralympics – a different event – and co-host Jackie Henderson also referenced “the real ones” referring to the Olympics.

“Have you been watching the Special Olympics? It’s horrific, some of the things… I saw some poor bloke went for the high jump and then veered right ‘cause he was blind and landed on his arse on the ground… And then when they were playing soccer, the blind people, I was thinking ‘Are you joking?’ They’re throwing themselves on the ground like sausages to block the ball,” Sandilands said on air earlier this week.

He did, alongside newsreader Brooklyn Ross, note the monumental effort the athletes go to in their endeavours.

“I think good on you, I love the spirit of the contest… but I feel that Jesus, Christ, that’s a big effort,” Sandilands said.

Sandilands also cautioned Ross about being too emphatic in his support of the Paralympians.

“You can be nice to the handicapped [athletes], but you don’t have to compare them to the non-handicapped. You don’t have to lift them up to be better than the non-handicapped.”

News Corp then ran a story, furthering the controversy and quoting Greens Senator Jordan Steele-John who said Sandilands comments were “abhorrent and ableist”, called on the broadcaster to apologise and suggested he should be sacked.

On this morning’s show, Sandilands suggested the controversy and outrage was manufactured.

“If you’ve got no news, write about someone else who’s not going to follow it up and chase it up and find out what really happened, because I’ve got a lot of time on my hands and lots of money to make things happen. So no one complained, there was no big outrage. It’s a lying, fake news story right there in The Daily Telegraph. Fake headline.Fake story.Fake outrage…. It’s unbelievable that these people are allowed to lie constantly about people and get paid by a multinational company and nothing happens about it,” he said.

He branded News Corp “gutless worms” and said the article’s author, Mitchell Van Himrigh, was a “naughty liar” who was not a serious journalist.

“I dared say the words ‘Special Olympics’ instead of, what’s the word? … [Paralympics]. How am I supposed to know the difference? I don’t follow any sport. There’s a big story in here. Let me tell you the real story about what happened, because I’ve already found out through all my Government friends. Some journalist…. they’ve written it here… and here’s the lying headline, and you’re a big company, News Corp, you should make sure you don’t lie in your newspapers. ‘Sandilands slammed for Paralympic swipe’. Now I’m not slammed by anyone except the one Greens senator who the journalist rang up and asked to comment then sent the Senator the audio so he could comment. So straight off the bat, it’s a bullshit story,” he sad.

“I said all these things, but it wasn’t negative towards the contesting. I just said I saw some stuff and I was shocked… it was quite the eye-opener that thing. But they make the article sound like I’m very anti anyone with a handicap.”

Sandilands also issued some, likely tongue-in-cheek, threats to the journalist about sending some “Tongan mates” to see the journalist to clarify the matter.


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Boy Wonder
3 Sep 2021 - 2:04 pm

Love Kyle. He is no Howard Stern but his show with Jacki O is funny, slick and entertaining. The show deserves to be #1 (on FM)

3 Sep 2021 - 9:15 pm

I listened to this segment on the podcast and thought someone will complain about this. But a lot of people ain’t educated when it comes to people living with a disability. It’s all in the wording when your talking about someone with a disability. Never put there disability first. They are a person before their disability. Imagine being in a wheelchair and a people say. Oh the guy in the wheelchair needs some help. I think the best thing for the kiis team is for management to get someone in with a disability and have a chat with them. Kyle does say things that offend. I don’t think he was being nasty at all. He just needs to get his wording right. Or don’t talk about people with a disability on the show.

See ya
3 Sep 2021 - 9:42 pm

You know what he has put a cloud of shit over our industry for too long. We all know the stuff he’s said and we shudder as an industry. It’s only a matter of time that it turns.

He’s been great for a long time but he is a dinosaur. We know it but no one is brave enough to say it.

Mrs N
3 Sep 2021 - 9:45 pm

I can’t see ANYTHING Kyle said that could be considered ablest. In awe? Yes. Incredulous to their skill? Yes. Amazed at their achievements? Yes? To suggest otherwise is someone with a chip on their shoulder. Have not always been a fan of Kyle but since I saw him on Ahn’s brush I have changed my tune. I cannot stand his narcissistic, self serving off side. Karl has made and continues to make her. But don’t tell Jackie O that. She thinks she is talent personified. Poor love.

4 Sep 2021 - 12:11 pm

How would Kyle know who took offence? firstly I’m not easily offended and i didn’t particularly take offence personally however it did make me turn it off. The reason I’m writing this is not because I’m outraged or anything of that nature. I am just explaining this from someone’s point of view, who has been close to people who have suffered in this area. Reading this reaffirms he didn’t know what he did wrong. The whole point is… he was calling it the special Olympics not the correct name. He was calling the athletes “blind people”. Think of it like this … is Kyle a “obese person” or a Person, Is Kyle a “old person” or person… The athletes are people, its a respect thing. first and foremost people are people their impairment is not what defines them. To be transparent and fair to Kyle I didn’t get past his blind comment so I don’t know what he said after that, he may of been more understanding later in the break.


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