‘Kyle made me miserable’

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In a revealing interview with Ros Reines in the News Limited press today, Kyle Sandilands' ex-partner Tamara Jaber has said that she was 'miserable' in the marriage, that she was 'just an accessory' and she 'didn't have the balls to do anything about it'.

Jaber and Sandilands were together for nearly two years, separating in July 2010. In the interview Jaber said that Kyle spoke for her, controlled her money, and wouldn't allow her to use the home computer.

'When I was with Kyle, I was just an accessory to his world, I would sit on the sidelines and watch as he spoke for me. There was no way that he would allow my own personality to come through. My life was miserable then (and he) robbed me of a sense of accomplishment'

"King Kyle is surrounded by yes men, who tell him what he wants to hear"

Sandilands was asked for his response to the comments, and said; 

"Tamara was miserable, but this was mainly because of the response to her solo music career. She takes things very personally but she really is very talented. I have heard that she is very happy now and that's good. She's a very honest girl and if she says these kinds of things, then she really believes them"

You can read the full article from Ros Reines here.

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