Jodie Oddy returns to radio, hosting Saturday Breakfast on Nova 91.9

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Jodie Oddy will be back on the airwaves from next week, fronting The Jodie Oddy Show from 7am to 9am on Adelaide’s Nova 91.9.

Oddy will be joined by Ben & Liam’s ‘Sports Guy’, Max Burford – also of 10 News First fame – and Tiff Warne, who comes on board as news journalist.

Oddy told Radio Today she’s thrilled to be back in radio –  this time with a better work-life balance.

“I feel really, really, really pumped,” she said. “I have loved my time at Nova, doing the news reading [for Ben & Liam]. They’re such a fantastic group of people, so I couldn’t be happier about it….

“[But] I will never ever put myself in a position where I compromise work-life balance. Never again.”

Oddy doesn’t ever directly reference her long stint at ARN’s Mix 102.3, where for over a decade, she sat atop the FM Breakfast pile in the city. Nor does she mention her spectacular departure, which saw her unexpectedly replaced by Erin Phillips.

She does, however, reference the “sleep in” that will come with a 7am start, rather than the earlier weekday alternative, and the many advantages this will come with.

“I’ll be finished in time for school sport, to coach my seven-year-old’s netball team. So it’s just the perfect blend for me at the moment. So I’m really, really pleased with the way it’s worked out, because those 4am starts really took a toll over a lot of years.”

With the brutal world of commercial radio chewing her up and spitting her out last year, Oddy said her priorities and definition of success have changed too.

“Success for me does not involve ratings [anymore]. It doesn’t involve the salary that can come with commercial radio,” she told Radio Today. “Success for me is having that balance and being the best mother I can be, being the best wife I can be, being the best friend I can be,” she said, adding she wanted to avoid the trappings of commercial radio from now on.

“I just feel like if you’re doing radio to get your head on a billboard, then you’re going about it the wrong way. For me, success has completely changed in its meaning.”

Nova, she said, is the perfect partner for this approach, as the team is grounded and focused on chemistry and connection.

She cites weekday Breakfast hosts Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton as extremely hard workers, who have managed to remain unaffected by the spotlight – and ensuing egotism – that can come with a high-pressure and high-visibility role.

“The other thing that I like is that [Nova is] interested in putting two or three people together who get along really well and have chemistry. I think they’re good at recognising that that makes successful shows, as opposed to, I guess, taking ‘big name said person’ here, match them with ‘big name said person’ here – that will not necessarily work unless those people have chemistry.

“So that’s what I like about [my new show], is that it’s two of my workmates and we all get along really, really well.”

She cites Nova’s Drive show of Kate, Tim & Joel as another show with genuine people who have chemistry in spades. Listening to this show, she said, gave her FOMO about no longer being on radio.

“I really miss those really good times when everything’s flying and you’re making each other laugh and you’re genuinely having a good time. So that aspect, I have really missed. Because there’s no better high than when it all clicks like that.”

She is confident this will happen too with The Jodie Oddy Show. 

Despite her name being on the billing, she said she wants the show to be a collaboration, and a launch pad for her team.

“I know my name’s on the show, but I’m working with a couple of people that I’ve worked with on Channel 10. One of them is the single funniest person I have ever met. Her name is Tiffany Warne. And she just has me in tears of laughter each say. So she’s a really new, fresh talent, and I’m so excited for her, because I think that she’ll be an absolute superstar. And I also work with Max who’ll be doing the sport as well.

“So, look, my name’s on the show, but I have no desire to be all about me. I really want to shine a spotlight on the two other people that I’ll be working with, who I think have enormous potential and talent. And it’s nice to take the experience that I’ve had in radio and pass over my love of radio to them. So I’m really excited for where it’s going to lead them.”

Nova 91.9’s head of programming Ben Latimer – who Oddy cited as a “great support” and “a really kind influence” – said it’s great to have Oddy back on radio.

“She’s an exceptional broadcaster and Adelaide radio hasn’t really been the same without her,” he said in a statement. “Saturday mornings on Nova is an opportunity to build something fresh and fun around Jodie. Expect live and local content, delivered by one of Adelaide’s most-loved personalities – there will be nothing like it on Adelaide FM radio.”

The Jodie Oddy Show kicks off at 7am on Saturday, August 7.

Radio Today will bring you the full interview with Oddy on Monday, so stay tuned for more. 

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Aiden Grant
31 Jul 2021 - 1:09 pm

And I hear there’s a gun anchor on the show too…. cough cough haha.

31 Jul 2021 - 3:31 pm

Great move Ben Latimer. Awesome talent and was only a matter of time before she was picked up. Mornings on Mix are not the same and now loving Ben and Liam.


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