Sacked radio host Jeremy Cordeax doubles down on Brittany Higgins criticism

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Former FiveAA host, Jeremy Cordeaux, has doubled down on his problematic criticism of alleged rape victim Brittany Higgins.

Higgins alleges she was raped inside Parliament House in 2019 and has since become a symbol of the consequences of sexism, rape culture and victim blaming in Australia’s most powerful offices.

FiveAA’s Weekend Breakfast host, Cordeaux, however criticised Higgins for putting herself in danger, contending she was a “silly little girl who got drunk” and suggesting she “should have her bottom smacked”.

Cordeaux was subsequently sacked from NOVA Entertainment, with the broadcaster offering apologies for the inappropriate and offensive comments.

“The views expressed by Mr Cordeaux do not reflect those held by FIVEaa and NOVA Entertainment, and we unequivocally withdraw them, Breakfast co-host David Penberthy said on air.

“Mr Cordeaux’s employment has been terminated, and FIVEaa and NOVA Entertainment have immediately taken broader action to ensure this can never happen again.”

Cordeaux, however, has doubled down and said his comments are “perfectly true” and that he was surprised by his former employer’s reaction, according to the ABC.

He also rejected claims he was victim blaming Higgins.

“I’m saying each and every one of us has the inalienable responsibility to take charge of one’s life,” he said. “Do not put yourself in jeopardy.”

The ABC reported he said he would be willing to sit down with Higgins, not to apologise, but to explain what he was “getting at”.

“I would say to her, would I be right in saying that I feel that you’ll never be that silly again?” he said.

“Have you learned your lesson?

“Do you understand that you can’t trust men in general, colleagues perhaps, in particular?”

Higgins, meanwhile, said she was grateful to FiveAA and NOVA Entertainment for taking action aginst Cordeaux.

“This rhetoric isn’t helpful especially given the cultural reckoning about consent that is taking place across the country,” she said.

“Instead of seeking to modify the behaviour of victims, let’s try to address how we can deter perpetrators of sexual crimes.”

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30 Mar 2021 - 12:40 pm

Wowee. What a disgusting, sad, perfect example of victim blaming. Shame Jeremy…

Did you know 100% cases of rape are caused by the same thing? Rapists. Not alcohol, clothing, colleagues, the hour of the day, the level of light outside.

You cannot blame ANYBODY except the person who did this. Welcome to 2021 idiot. I hope Brittany is not subjected to a conversation with that dinosaur. She has certainly been through enough…

Old Spice
30 Mar 2021 - 1:58 pm

Well said Jeremy! Apologise to no-one!
Australia really has gone PC crazy!
Lets all stand together, face the PC apologists and tell them where to get off!

30 Mar 2021 - 2:07 pm

Holy. Hell.

That’s not just a double down.

Imagine thinking you’re so worth listening too, you want to talk to a victim of rape and tell her to her face that’s she’s silly.

Does he not realise that if the man in this scenario didn’t ****ing rape, then a rape wouldn’t have occured, and this young woman wouldn’t be in this horrible position of having to hear the ramblings of Abe Simpson here.

Jesus wept.

30 Mar 2021 - 2:56 pm

Jeremy you are as pathetic as that hair piece you wear. Thank god it was only small fry Adelaide who got to hear your rants.

30 Mar 2021 - 3:13 pm

Nova was right to sack Bordeaux and the quotes in the ABC article show that Nova made the right call to give him the ass

6 Feb 2023 - 1:49 pm

Jeremy Courdeaux was on John Laws this morning as a caller taking about the Indigenous Voice Issue.

It is on the podcast of this morning’s show skip to 1:10:18-1:23:11 to hear Jeremy’s Call (He was on after the 11am News):


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