Jackie O reveals the thing about herself that ‘shits her to death’

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Jackie O

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has revealed the personality flaw she has which most annoys her.

“I’m so disorganised,” she said on Urzila Carlson’s That’s Enough Already podcast, noting she left Carlson and fellow guest Dannii Minogue waiting for 20 minute because she forgot the recording was on.

“I hate being like that, I really do… I don’t know why I’m so disorganised in life.”

In terms of her frustrations with other people, Henderson’s pet peeves include chewing and those who lack self-awareness.

“People chewing. I know, it’s almost impossible to avoid, but especially if I’m on the phone to someone and they’re eating – it irks me so much. If I’m at the dinner table and a family member’s eating too loud, I’ll be really, really annoyed. I don’t know what it is, it’s just the sound of chewing, I can’t handle it,” she said.

Self awareness in cars was also right up there.

“We all have issues when it comes to traffic and people in cars. When a person is parked, and it’s an area where everyone’s looking for a park, and they get back to their car and they sit there on their phone – and they don’t even have the self awareness to know that someone’s waiting for you with their blinker on. At least just say ‘Hey, I’m not leaving yet, go on’. But the amount of people that just sit there on their phone, that kills me,” she said.

“No self awareness, it kills me.”


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The trio also discussed their deep bond which formed while filming The Masked Singer in lock down.

“We probably have fast-tracked the friendship,” Henderson said. “We’ve probably developed a bond that would have taken maybe a few more seasons, I think, to develop, but because of the circumstance we were under – let’s face it, that year was horrible – and I think with Masked Singer, it was the best of times and the worst of times. I think when we were together and working and we had each other, we were happy, but when we were in lockdown and alone, it felt really isolating at the same time. But what made it so much easier was how supportive both of you were, and how we all were to each other…. I think it would have happened regardless, but I think COVID definitely did strengthen it.”

Henderson also revealed her tactic for getting back at someone who has wronged you by parking in the wrong place.

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30 Mar 2021 - 5:37 pm

I’m with her on other people chewing, but that parking gripe is 100% wrong. If they’re already parked then they can do whatever they want and shouldn’t have to worry about self-centred and impatient people like Jackie. I’d be interested to know how many people have to wait behind Jackie while she just sits there in the middle of the road?

Mick C
31 Mar 2021 - 12:15 pm

Not supprised she kept others waiting
Thats her all over because she belives shes above everyone else

31 Mar 2021 - 9:11 pm

I agree with Jackie on the eating thing.I cant watch noisy eaters onTV or movies. I hate seeing people putting the food laden fork in their mouth, as for open mouth gum chewing YUK

1 Apr 2021 - 11:36 am

Love Jackie what an amazing woman


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