Indulge your curiosity with Ok, But What if?

Do you want to indulge your imagination and let your mind pursue the interesting thoughts that pop into your mind?

Well, the new Spotify orginal podcast, Ok, But What If? takes listeners on a new journey every week that begins with asking a quirky hypothetical question that most of us have considered, even for just a moment.

Join TikTok comedian Will Gibb and actor Tim Franklin as they take you on a whacky journey to uncover What If.

The first batch of episodes include questions like: 

  • Ok, but what if you had a time machine?
  • Ok, but what if there was a zombie apocolypse? 
  • Ok, but what if you were accepted into Hogwarts?

Listen to Ok, But What If exclusively on Spotify.

Entries are now open for the 2nd annual RadioToday Podcast Awards. Participants can enter here.

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