Hughesy, Ed & Erin farewell Executive Producer Sacha French

2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin have farewelled their long-time Executive Producer Sacha French, who has departed the show for an overseas trip and break. 

Sacha and Hughesy have worked together for over 20 years, and the pair shared a laugh with Ed and Erin as they said goodbye. 

“Sacha French who is a brilliant producer, who’s been with me since 2001, you’ve decided Sacha that you need a break, that’s fair to say, yes?” said Hughesy. 

“I’m tired, I’m tired – the early mornings have gotten a bit too much for me,” said Sacha. 

Reluctant to show his emotional side, Hughesy was reminded of his significant work history with Sacha.

“Sacha has legitimately been Hughesy’s go-to person for over 20 years, almost daily, spending three-four hours together in the morning,” said Erin.

“She’s the one he calls for anything-everything, this-that. Over 20 years, imagine that relationship with one person. This is really emotional and it’s hard.”

“Sacha, are you feeling emotional?”

“I am but it goes beyond the work thing – we have the same obstetrician, we go to the same dentist, we were there when our kids were born, we know everything about each other,” said Sacha. 

Despite their long friendship, Hughesy still forgot to get Sacha a farewell card, so he just took the one Ed and Erin had already given her.

Hughesy’s message to outgoing Sasha said, ‘Dearest Sach, I refuse to believe this is it. You have been indispensable to my life. Have fun, enjoy every moment, you are amazing. Simply the best, indeed. Love always, Hughesy.’

“We are gonna miss you so much Sach,” Erin said.

“I love this job. I love it every day,” Sash said. 

“Go for a holiday and come back,” Hughesy said. 

See the farewell below. 

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