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After today's survey 1 result for the Gold Coast, I caught up with Program Director of Hot Tomato, David Rymer :-

Mark: Obviously going back 0.7 and now 3rd in the market is not ideal but a very strong 40-54 result which I’m sure you are pleased with ?

David: We are all close and you could throw a blanket over the three stations with only just over 2 points between number 1 and 3 over all. That's not a lot and yes we have done really well in the older end. Monday to Friday we are number 1 in the 25 to 54 demo which is good and we scored our best cume result ever. So we still have very solid platforms to work from.

I don't think anyone saw the Sea FM result coming, certainly not to that extent. But Sea fluctuates wildly in the market so time will tell if that is its rightful position for them long term. They did make a lot of noise this book and threw very heavy marketing at it. So let's see how things transpire from a trend point of view. But it's their day today.

Mark: Gold FM say their introduction of a Greatest Hits format late last year seems to have paid off for them in the workday. Has this battle intensified over the last 6 months ?

David: Our older end figures are in good shape. Sitting between a younger and older targeted duopoly is always tricky. It’s about getting the balance and targeting right and we believe we have it right. We have always been a strong workday station and the long term trend has seen us close the gap. But it is highly competitive and it has intensified in the last 6 months and shows no sign of waning..

Mark: Holmesy and Flan are back 0.7 and now 3rd in the market. How will you regain some ground there ?

David: Holmsey and Flan ran a really good race this book. When it comes to breakfast, the battle never ends and the team has the fight in them to come out swinging next book and they will. Holmsey and Flan did perform well 25 to 54. As for Mal and Luke in Drive, again we are impressed with their solid trend going up again in the face of a massive lift from Sea FM.

Mark: I hear Sea FM were seen a lot on TV this survey. What was the recent marketing story for Hot Tomato ?

David: We were extremely active with TV and outdoor but at the end of the day, unlike Sea and Gold, we don't own a television station!!!


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