Hit103.1 Townsville’s Gabi was almost carjacked on the way to work

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Hit Townsville Breakfast co-host Gabi Elgood was on her way to work recently when she almost became a news headline.

On Breakfast with Cliffo and Gabi, she explained how a man ran at her car at 4am when she was driving into the studio.

“There were four guys walking along the road,” Gabi began.

“I was in the left lane, I saw these guys… and there was one of the guys side-eyeing me over his shoulder as I was getting closer.

“As I got just within distance, he just ran at my car, like sprinted at my car. I swerved into the right lane which meant I didn’t hit him.

“It really caught me off guard. If I hadn’t swerved I would have hit him… I was really shakey.”

When Gabi got to work that morning someone explained to her that the guy was trying to steal her car, which shook her up even more.

After the story was told, a woman called up to say the same thing had happened to her as well.

Catch up on the full story below:

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