Hit Coff Coast’s A.B & Ben shoot for the stars with 17-year-old astronaut

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Last week’s blood moon must have put Hit Coffs Coast Breakfast presenters A.B and Ben on a cosmic turn as the pair had a chat with 17-year-old US astronaut Alyssa Carson.

The Louisiana teen joined the duo via phone to share her detailed 10-year-plan that will end with her becoming the first person on Mars.

“I’m entering my final year of high school now…then looking at studying astrophysics in Florida, gaining a Masters and then a Ph.D. in astrobiology, from there I would start working in the field of astrobiology, then apply to the Astronaut core and get assigned to the mission to Mars,” said Carson.

The aspirational student blew the presenters away with her tenacity, listen to the full interview below.

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