CRA: “It means that the ACMA can now act as police, judge and jury.”

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Commercial Radio Australia has expressed its concerns over the High Court’s decision today, that  has found in favour of the media watchdog ACMA.

For CRA it means ACMA: ”can express an opinion that a radio or television broadcaster is guilty or innocent of an offence before any investigation, possible charges and/or legal proceedings or outcome have occurred.” 

CRA Ceo Joan Warner has said: “The High Court decision delivered today is concerning for all broadcasters, not just radio.  It means that the ACMA can now act as police, judge and jury.”

“The industry will be studying the ruling and determining what this now means for all broadcasters across the country, and whether any legislative change may be required.”

Today’s High Court decision relates to the 2Day FM Royal Prank call incident from late 2012   Following the incident, the watchdog ACMA prepared a report before any police investigation had been finalised.

Last week, both the NSW and Federal police investigations concluded that the 2Day FM recording did not breach any State or Federal law.

In March 2014, 2Day FM won its appeal to suppress a report prepared by the ACMA.  By November, the ACMA had appealed to the High Court of Australia, against the Federal Court ruling. 

SCA has slammed the High Court decision, while Chris Chapman who is ACMA's Chairman said: “This decision is welcomed by the ACMA."

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