Hamish & Andy crashed Nova 100 Breakfast with Chrissie, Sam & Browny

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Hamish and Andy must be missing being on radio at least a little bit, with the duo doing a hilarious ‘surprise interview’ on Nova 100 Breakfast with Chrissie, Sam and Browny this morning.

It follows Hamish Blake‘s cameo appearance on Kennedy Molloy late last week.

The former Hit Network Drive duo were questioned by Sam Pang about how they were allowed to make appearances on other radio networks, as they are still contracted to SCA for weekly podcasts.

Proving they’d lost none of their quick wit, Hamish and Andy joked that they’d “cut their [tracking] bracelets off.”

They then revealed that there was an ulterior motive for coming on the show; to ask Sam to come back onto their television show True Story, which he had featured briefly on the first season of.

“A lot of people in the industry have put a black mark through you,” joked Andy. “We’d like to give you another chance.”

“We’re wondering whether you’re available to play the baggage handler.”

Browny then pulled out bizarre but hilarious response to the boys asking what Sam’s availability was like at the moment.

He proposed a deal where he would allow Sam to go on True Story if Hamish and Andy would come and be caddies for he and Sam when they played golf, a suggestion that they laughed off.

“This is what Brownie doesn’t understand,” mulled Sam. “For the first time in his life, you have no leverage in this situation.”

“May we lick your boots sir?” added Hamish.

Hamish and Andy weren’t the only special guests to feature on a packed Nova 100 Breakfast show today, with Harley Breen, formerly of 2DayFM Breakfast, also dropping by.

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